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YouTube Marketing Tips for Musicians

YouTube Marketing Tips for Musicians With over 1 billion users, YouTube has become an invaluable recourse for both new and established artists to get their name heard. However, every minute of every day over 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. With this in mind, there is a lot more to successfully marketing your […]

SEO Tips for musicians

SEO Tips for Musicians In the digital age, where new information is accessible with just a click of the mouse, it is important that bands and artists ensure that they’re constantly on their fans’ or potential fans’ radar. For new artists this can be especially tricky as potential new listeners are not apt to just […]

Unique Apps for Musicians

Unique Apps for Musicians With smartphones and tablets increasingly making everyday life easier for the individual, it really feels like there is an app for everything. This is no exception for the music industry. The days of carrying lots of equipment to practise such as a tuner, metronome and chords are increasingly numbered. There is […]

You Tube Content Marketing Tips

Establishing Online Presence All kinds of marketing strategies should be applied properly as to have an effective social media campaign. Not only do businesses post contents on social networking sites and their web sites to establish their online presence and gain a follower or client base but so do too using videos which can become […]

The Importance of SEO for Artists

Modern Technology and the Artist In this age of modern technology and digital marketing, it is beneficial for every business to own a website, blog site, and other social media platform accounts to be able to reach a wider audience to help promote their products and services. Same goes for writers, artist, photographers who are […]

Social Media Marketing Tips

Importance of Social Media Marketing to E-businesses Social media marketing is essential for e-businesses as this helps in the promotion of your products and services in different social networking sites. Online presence has become vital as it increases traffic to your site as well as attracting prospective clients or customers. There are various social media […]

Selling Your Music The Good Old Way

Selling Your Music The Good Old Way Now that we know how to sell our music online, let’s find out how to get more exposure outside the cyberspace. Of course nothing beats the power of the Internet, but back in the days when there are none of these, some of our music idols have pulled […]