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Basic Tips for Learning Classical Guitar

The classical guitar is a timeless instrument which also makes for a fantastic entry-level instrument for beginners. Inversely, seasoned guitarists and professionals also make use of the classical guitar as a way of enhancing their repertoire. Here are some fundamental tips to get you started with a classical guitar. Beginner or professional, start from square […]

Should I study Music?

Should I study Music? There really are quite a few reasons why having an understanding of music and how it reads, can be beneficial to your musical abilities. However there are a few negative factors to consider too. Pros You will be able to read music You can sight read scores You will understand the […]

How to Self-Release a Record?

Sometimes if one cannot get their band signed, it may very well be easier to release your own demo to the public. This can be a little risky, but in today’s times of modern technology, it is so much easier to do. Audience In order to release a demo or a short album, one will […]

What to do if your recording is rejected?

The reality of any industry is that we do not all succeed the first time around. If you have worked hard on a demo, taken the time out to submit it and either didn’t hear back from the record label or received a rejection letter – it is only expected that you would be disappointed. […]

Plucking the Nashville strings

Oh the tunes that have been emitted from many a Nashville guitar. Gibson’s, Fenders and the likes in the hands of those who have been lucky enough to grace the walls of the hall of fame. Unfortunately, not everyone can simply afford to go and buy the best or the top of the line guitar […]

How to get noticed!

With a world so convoluted with musical talents and expressions, how does one get noticed? There are a few options such as recording your own demo, submitting it to record labels or even publishing it yourself. But if you are one of the few who wants to be “noticed” for their pure talent, then here […]

How to submit a demo to a record company?

The song is clean, the recording is done and now you finally have the guts to send it off. But how does one actually send off a self-recording? Sometimes it is as easy as “who you know” in the business, and other times it is a scramble to get noticed. You have to be sure […]

The Smash of Crosby, Stills and Nash

The world could not have known what was about to hit them, until 1969 rolled around with Woodstock and all its glorious musical heroes. And out of the naked bodies, shared love and a whole lot of other shared intimacies – rose David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash. Famous Bands Before becoming the famous […]