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Best Practices for Recording Vocals

Recording vocals is no easy task, and since vocals are one of the most important components of any track, it is important that it is done right. One of the biggest advantages of availing the services of a recording studio is that they have the right equipment and enough expertise to ensure that the vocals […]

Drum Recording Techniques and Secrets

The drum-kit is perhaps the most frustrating and time-consuming instrument in terms of recording. If you manage to get it right, the rewards are significant because everyone knows that the core of a fantastic mix is a great drum sound. We have compiled four important drum recording techniques and secrets that we think could help […]


Live Concert Recording Tips

Let’s talk about Live Concert Recording Tips The live music versus recorded music debate has lived on for a long period of time and has no real end in sight. One answer leaves both sides happy – live concert recording. If done properly, live concert recording can balance the feel of being at a concert […]

Deciding Whether Your Album Needs Mastering

In an increasingly complicated world of music, musicians have to make lots of decisions. When you are new to it all, it can be overwhelming. One such choice you have to make is deciding whether your album needs mastering. We at The Record Shop strongly believe in the power of mastering music.   What exactly […]

The Importance of Pre-Production

Let’s discuss The Importance of Pre-Production Recording music is a great experience, and it is no surprise that it gets even the most experienced musicians excited. If you are interested in making fantastic music, though, you should take a deep breath and remember that rushing into the recording studio is not always the best idea. […]

Getting the Most out of your Vocal Sessions

Getting the most out of your vocal sessions is essential. If you are working on your first record, the process is likely to hit at least a few road bumps if you haven’t done your homework. Here at The Record Shop, we make sure we handle all Record Production to enhance your vocal session experience. Here […]


Windows Apps for Musicians

Windows Phones are becoming more and more popular, especially among budding musicians. Having the right apps on your phone can make it easier to record music no matter where you are. There are several useful apps that one can download that will help with editing, tuning and writing music. SEQUENCER Sequencer is a powerful music […]