Powered by the Internet: How to Sell Your Music Online

Not long ago, our ability to sell music greatly relies on the music label’s way of distributing the album. But since we have entered the digital era, we can already use the Internet to reach our fan base and get them sold out quickly. Let’s read on.

Powered by the Internet: How to Sell Your Music Online

Hit the YouTube

Becoming the next Internet sensation has never been so easy with the power of self-made videos uploaded via YouTube. In fact, the video sharing platform has almost all the music video content of our favourite artists. Use this as a means of advertisement and get the best exposure without the cost.

Use Facebook for promotions

You know the drill. Create your very own Facebook fan page and get your fans altogether. You can also use this to get in touch with fellow musicians worldwide. With social media, your connections will just multiply and before you know it, you’re enjoying an exclusive social clout like never before.

Update via Twitter

Whenever there are up-to-the-minute events, a 140-character tweet would definitely serve you well. You can reach out to your fans and promote your new music right over there. Just make sure you have all the exact details so they won’t miss the upcoming release, promos and event schedule. Don’t forget to tweet what’s happenin’ LIVE.Powered by the Internet: How to Sell Your Music Online


Pause for a dose of Instagram

There’s no better way to say it all than with pictures of you behind the scenes. Show them that you’re livin’ it up whether while recording at the studio or doing the final touches. Be everywhere wherever there are fans out there. Just being visible all the time (not to the point of creepy) can help you stay relevant so your music can reach all the right places without traveling across the world.

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