Selling Your Music The Good Old Way

Now that we know how to sell our music online, let’s find out how to get more exposure outside the cyberspace. Of course nothing beats the power of the Internet, but back in the days when there are none of these, some of our music idols have pulled off the classic way of promotion.

Show up LIVE

You know your type of crowd already. Be there and pre-arrange gigs with fellow musicians and get real life exposure on these events. Some big concerts even allocate a few numbers for aspiring artists to perform LIVE before they do or in between breaks.


Get on the Radio

Selling Your Music The Good Old Way

This has been working since the radio was the only medium for entertainment. Give radio stations a copy of your song and let them play it on air. Many radio stations are into the mainstream as well as budding new artists.

Get Interviewed by the DJs

During radio promotions, some DJs welcome new artists for a quick one on one conversation in between commercial breaks. Let loose and grab this chance to be heard.

What We Think

Although it’s a lot easier now to get noticed just by going online, but the competition is tougher than before. We have to get moving and come out and be seen in public places, mingle with the crowd and establish real-life connections to stand out. Perhaps balancing both online and outside promotions can do just that.

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