Unique Apps for Musicians

With smartphones and tablets increasingly making everyday life easier for the individual, it really feels like there is an app for everything. This is no exception for the music industry. The days of carrying lots of equipment to practise such as a tuner, metronome and chords are increasingly numbered. There is a wealth of apps out there for both iOS and android devices and they can really enrich and enhance the music-making process. With so much on offer it’s hard to know where to start. To help you, here is a list of the top 5 unique apps available for artists:

  1. unique apps for musiciansSongwriter’s Pad

Got writers’ block? Look no further than this app! Created by songwriters, it really understands the struggle that many artists face when trying to write unique lyrics. It has a rhyming dictionary, as well as helping you find the words you need depending on emotion. It also has a built-in audio recorder and allows you to add chord notation to your lyrics as well as importing backing tracks to help you with the writing process.

  1. MetroTimer

Timing is everything, and this app claims to be the most accurate digital metronome to help its users keep in time. It also provides handy audio and visual feedback.

  1. GarageBand

This app hardly needs an introduction. Above all it acts like a digital music studio, allowing artists to record music. It also comes with an array of audio effects making the music-making , but its most interesting feature is its ability to allow you to virtually jam with your friends who also using the app.

  1. TonalEnergy

This is a unique app which is really easy to use for new artists and established artists alike. Encompassing a tuner, metronome as well as support for rehearsal, it allows you to improve every aspect of your sound. It has become a firm favorite amongst professional artists around the globe. For the more advanced musician, it also come with a range of more complex features to really help fine-tune the end result.

unique apps for musicians


Gone were the days of carrying piles of sheet music to practise, this app allows you to create sheet music. The app is really user-friendly and versatile, as well as having a great playback software. It also allows you to save the music as both an audio file and a PDF file, if you wanted to print it out.



With so much technology out there for musicians, these apps can really help make music writing process a lot easier and fun for both new musicians and established artists.


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