How to earn more being an Engineer and Musician

Being a musician does not mean that you only have to rely on your clients for the money. Initially every sound engineer or musician would like some extra money and there are different ways that you can use to earn more.How to earn more being an Engineer and Musician

One way is to use the recording booth to record voiceover dialogs. The sound effects can be added to make your music better for radio too. You can also write different jingles using your own libraries and sell them for the radio spots. Different audio engineers can create audio books as these are quite popular these days. It is easy to create jingles and audio books using your specialized booth for voiceover.

Musicians and Engineers can even take music classes for teaching the students and this is an excellent way to increase the income. Music education is necessary for the new comers and hence your studio can be a platform for the beginners. You can even organize some events and special conventions on music. Creating the videos of your music and the lessons and uploading it on social media and YouTube will help in marketing your brand too.

Competition is high in music industry and the extra activities that you do apart from recording and mixing can give you an edge over others. At the same time, it makes you popular while maximizing your income. Use of technology can also help in earning extra money as use of music apps can help you in a great deal while making music.

Digital stream royalties and Sound Exchange

Copyrighting and royalties in music industry have now become extremely important for the artists and musicians as the artists want to protect their rights. Lack of awareness about these two can result into losses for the artists. Every copyrighted song publicly generates royalties for the artists whether it is on jukebox and radio station or at any sports event.

In the United States, the organizations like ASCAP and SESAC collect these royalties and distribute what you need to know about digital stream royaltiesthem among the publishers and artists. The compensation rights for composers and the singers differ for terrestrial broadcasters from those for webcasts or cable music stations. Performance through web i.e. digital streaming, leads to generation of higher compensation for the artists.

Digital performance royalties are managed by the organisation for performance rights – Sound Exchange. It allows the artists, writers and singers to apply for a license that can allow Sound Exchange to collect royalties for them. Sound Exchange collects the royalties from all media and then distributes the royalties to the members. This can help the artists and musicians greatly in order to get their righteous reward.

There are many plans offered by Sound Exchange that can be availed by the artists and they can consult and opt for the best one. Sound Exchange covers more than just the digital royalties like radio and other transmissions. Hence it can work as a liaison between the record labels or artists and the music industry.

Digital stream royalties and Sound Exchange

How to go about finding Songs from Publishers

All artists – new or old face a dilemma of which one to go for while looking for songs from the publishers. There are many doubts and questions on how to choose the best publisher you areFinding Songs from Publisherslooking for.

Thanks to internet, you can get many such sources to guide you through the process.

There are online spaces like Taxi, Broadjam, Sonicbids etc. that can provide you with references from different publishers. You should always search properly before deciding on anything.
It is always advisable to talk to multiple publishers so as to reach the publisher whose work blends well with your music. For the newbies, it becomes even more critical to select the publisher properly as this work can turn out to be the best or worst first impression of your career.

You can also find the music publishers through different Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) like Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI), SESAC, ASCAP etc. The online search at these PRO sites can give you all the data related to the publishers and song writers. Contact information can also be traced from these websites.

Once you have collected data from sources, get in touch with these publishers and then decide what’s best for your music. It is advisable to sign one song with one publisher only so as to avoid the hassle. Be careful while signing the agreements and go through the contracts along with your lawyer before finalizing anything.

Finding the perfect publisher can be tough but it is definitely worth it when you get the best work and it’s all worth it.


Every musician today can find tones of information and hundreds of tools on the internet. These resources include the information about sites for social media and websites related to the music industry. These can help an artist greatly in staying up to date on the latest trends and happenings.

For instance, the social sites include the fan pages on Facebook and twitter handles that can connect the artists with their fans. YouTube plays a great role in providing a digital marketing platform for the musicians. The bands can keep their followers updated on the current and upcoming releases. These social networking sites help to give the artist and the company a cheaper and reliable source of advertising. These sites also include Snapchat, Instagram, Vine etc.

These social media outlets, websites and blogs allow the musicians to showcase their work online and reach out to millions across the continents. Even the band can have their own website that can serve as the dedicated stage for their work.

Along with these resources, there are different kinds of material available online related to music development. Artists can perform their research electronically using these resources. There are research articles related to music theory, history, recordings etc. that are available on the international libraries present online. These can be a great help for a music scholar too.

Along with these e-resources, there are some sites that can also help the artists to find better options for booking their shows like Gigsalad, Gigmasters etc.

If used correctly, these resources can provide the right kind of publicity to bring the band in spotlight and act as tools for your potential growth.

Why do we need Spotify? Spotify has become an essential for the musicians and artists today with its amazing services. Today, variety of options is present for downloading music by the audience that do not generate little money for the artists. Here comes the role of Spotify which provides a paid and legal service for the music fans that generates the royalties for the musicians.

Spotify provides the listeners a free and ad supported tier that will help in providing better royalties for the artists. Spotify gives the musicians a platform for a great amount of exposure and you can opt for different tiers according to your needs.

Around 70% of the revenues of Spotify are distributed to the rights holders including publishers, labels, distributors, artists etc. It has generated revenues for many labels and artists in all the countries where it operates and Spotify had paid the royalties as high as $3 Billion until now. These payouts show that how beneficial can Spotify be for the musicians.Why do we need Spotify?

Spotify works as a great resource for the users as it is a free app allowing you to use it conveniently to reach your intended audience. It allows the musicians an opportunity to earn from every download or play for their music in a very easy way. It helps in making your music popular and acts as a great marketing tool raising the sales further.

As music sharing has become an indispensable act all around the globe, Spotify lets you make the most out of it by the generation of value for the artists. It works on an excellent paid streaming format that delivers the royalties for the artists. Hence you can use this music streamer for the maximum exposure and earnings.

How can SEO help Artists?

How can SEO help Artists?  Searching information on search engines like Google has become a regular activity today as people search on internet all the time. In the same way, fans find the search engines the primary source for searching latest music videos and songs. Having a website for your band and updating new music will not help if it is not being viewed by maximum viewers.

Online marketing of entertainment website will be optimum if your site receives high How can SEO help Artiststraffic from different search engines. The process of optimizing the websites in order to improve their ranking on search engines is called as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This can be a great help for the music companies and artists if used appropriately. If your fans cannot search for you easily, your music won’t reach them. Hence promotion of music online will require SEO.

When your web pages are optimized, it will be ranked higher and it will come up as a former result when the search takes place. It is a complex process involving some techniques and tips which makes your website higher in ranking. SEO also provides your website an effective presence online promoting your music efficiently. SEO will make your website a popular site as the audience will widen in number and the overall perception of your band also improves.

SEO involves the techniques like keyword usage, meta-description tags, meta title tags and adding different links that help in improving the overall ranking of your website so that it is easily found by the search. Presence of links of your site on social media networks also plays a major role in SEO. If all these techniques for SEO are used properly, musicians can promote their work through online marketing effectively.

Why We Love YouTube Marketing and Some Tips

YouTube today has become a regular destination for all the music and video lovers around the world. Today it is very common for people to set up their channels on YouTube and the user base is growing at a fast pace. With a little technique and tips, it can turn into an ultimate marketing strategic partner for your music.

With the lightening speed of internet and advent of smart phones in every part of the globe, YouTube is one amazing way to broadcast your music videos to each corner of the world.

Thinking about a YouTube channel already? Well. All you need to do is sign up on YouTube with a Channel Name and specify the Account as ‘Musician’ while creating an account. Your account is ready to be customised as per your needs. You can make it attractive with different options available for colours, designs, linking options etc.

The artists can use this account forum as a platform to channelize their vision of music as it can send the message across very quickly. In addition to this, YouTube Channel can be made consistent with your special artwork and websites. This will help you connect the parts easily. Make your page well readable with the required information available while adding the optimum number of sections only. Why We Love YouTube Marketing and Some Tips

You can use the channel to provide information about yourself and the brand. Include the website links and add the images for your music albums or videos if available.

Once you are through with this process, you can start uploading your videos. While uploading the video, use the song title with the musician and company name. Add the appropriate information to describe the video a little. Once the video is uploaded, start tagging and make it searchable.


Effective Social Media Marketing for the Music Industry

With the growing penetration of social networking in our day to day lives, it has become the fastest growing marketing tool in the field of music industry now. Any music company or recording studio-small or big can find its marketing strategy and strengths in Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing if it uses to these techniques to their full potential.

Social Media can turn an artist into a star overnight and the music promotion can include promoting the production, talent and continuous promo works. As Social Media has become a significant part of our lives with the growing technological advancement, there are millions of music lovers using social media outlets like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. While social networking gives the musicians an ideal technique of instant promotion, these websites give the customers and fans a voice for showing their love as well.Effective Social Media Marketing for the Music Industry<

Here the major ways that will help you a great deal in making the social media marketing effective for promoting your music:

• Facebook Leads and Ads: The biggest range of social media advertisements is through Facebook offers or Facebook leads and ads along with the regular upload. Facebook helps in keeping the music fans updated to the launch of the latest tracks and videos.
• Twitter: Tweeting the promotional links and sharing the details of the latest music releases helps in instant connection with the audience. You can make your marketing effective by using Hashtags making your tweets interesting and eye catching.
• YouTube, Facebook Pages and Twitter Lists are other two methods for reaching out to the fans effectively. An insight into the music trends and tastes can be provided with these media networks.
• Pinterest and Instagram can be used to connect with the fans personally by keeping them hooked regularly.
• One effective strategy for improving your marketing effectiveness is to use maximum number of images, video ads and demonstrations in order to creating awareness in the most efficient way.
• Social media helps you to effectively measure the overall buzz for your releases along with the marketing of new tracks.

If you keep these tips in mind, social media marketing can give you an incredible platform for reaching your audience.

The Modern Rules of Advertising Your Music with Social Media

Are you an artist or musician just starting out? Are you anxious for your music to be heard by others, but don’t know how to get it out there? Well, in this article I am going to give you some tips and advice on how to get noticed on Social Media!

First let’s talk about social media platforms that you can use to advertise your music. Great examples are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify.recording studio nashville

Soundcloud or Spotify: You can create your own profile on either application. You can then upload multiple songs you have written or covered. Personally, I think having a Soundcloud or Spotify is very important, because you can link your profile on other social media apps.

Instagram/Facebook/Vine/Youtube/Twitter/Tumblr: Above, I talked about Soundcloud and Spotify. Now, in your social media profile you can put a web link to your Spotify or Soundcloud music profile. You can post videos or audio of your music for your friends/followers to see. If they are interested in hearing more, tell them to go check out more of your work on your Soundcloud or Spotify, which will be linked on your profile.

Snapchat: You can send small video clips of you playing music to your friends, and if they are interested send them the link to your Spotify or Soundcloud.


Now let me give you a few tips on how to have more people interested in hearing your work.

  1. Listen to others music!

If you have an Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Vine etc., dedicated to your music, follow other similar artist accounts. If they follow you back, message them and ask if they could listen to your music and you’ll listen to their music as well.

  1. Try to perform in local places.

Go around to restaurants or places that may allow you to play your music for a night. Post on your social media that you are performing there, and encourage people to come see you. It’s a win-win situation for you and the restaurant or place you are performing at. More customers for them, and it will help you and your music get ‘known’. Hand out pamphlets with your social media information and your Soundcloud or Spotify so they can check out more of your music online.


  1. Make your own website.

Make an artist website, all about your passion for music. Post videos of you performing, post when and where you are doing a gig, even blog. You can link this to other social media outlets as well.


  1. Have conversations with your friends/fans!

If people give you feedback on your music, or compliment it, thank them for listening to your work. Being genuine and pleasant to fans may encourage get people to tell their friends about your music as well. Also, if you are playing out somewhere, ask them what songs they’d like to hear. Being interactive with fans is important.


  1. Don’t make EVERYTHING about marketing your music.

Although it’s great to promote yourself, don’t make that your only priority. You need some balance between personal content and marketing content. There is general rule called the 80/20 rule. That means that 80% of your posts should be personal, humorous and entertaining. Keep it social and enjoyable. That leaves a good 20% for promoting and marketing your music career.


Overall, I think the most important rule is to be yourself!

recording studio nashvilleThere are many Online Resources for Artists.  The Internet and Social Media websites have opened a door of possible opportunities for many aspiring artists today. Nowadays, artists can promote their albums and tours wherever they are, unlike before when artists drop by from one radio station to another just to promote their songs. 

The following are must-have sites for artists who want to promote their songs, tours, and other media to get in touch with their audience.

Sites to promote music

  • This is a site where you can promote your music for free. You can install it on your PC or your smartphone for accessibility.
  • This is a worldwide registry used by numerous bands. It contains a search engine where you can search and issue press releases for any scheduled tour or concert.
  • Music Scene Online. This is another site where you can promote and showcase your music. Through this site, your fans will be able to see your schedule and follow your concerts and tours.

Online music players

There are numerous online music players that you can choose from if you want your listeners to hear your music. Among these players include the following:

  • This are free music players and widgets for social media sites such as Facebook
  •  One of the most known online music player where listeners can modify and customize their page according to their preference and playlist
  •  This is another online streaming site. Here, listeners can recommend artists and songs to their friends who are also using the same app. It also has a chat feature
  • MOG: Here, listeners can organize their music and discuss their favorite music among other fanatics
  • YouTube: This is one of the famous ways to share videos online. YouTube can also be shared across social media platforms
  • SoundCloud: Another sounds sharing online website where you can promote and share music. Here, fans could just play the music and SoundCloud will search the title of the song.


Sites for Copyright Management

There are also websites that you can seek services to take care of your copyright concern. Among these websites include BMI. It collects fees from radio and streaming sites that play your music. 


Touring Promotion

If you are planning a tour, you have to take care of announcements about forthcoming events. The following websites will help you do it:

  • Bandsintown: This is an easy tool that you can incorporate with Facebook to announce your upcoming tours.
  • SongKick: This is a similar app, with an additional feature that allows you to upload your show to your social media account.