Oh the tunes that have been emitted from many a Nashville guitar. Gibson’s, Fenders and the likes in the hands of those who have been lucky enough to grace the walls of the hall of fame.

Unfortunately, not everyone can simply afford to go and buy the best or the top of the line guitar – but we can dream. And save.

Things to consider

One must obviously always buy a guitar that is comfortable, especially on their finances. Yes, a beautiful guitar can emit a better sound than a cheaper guitar – but you can buy all the expensive guitars in the world, but you cannot buy talent.

Plucking the Nashville strings

When deciding what guitar to buy, you need to know the sound you are looking for. A country guitar generally has a twangy sound, great tone and can take a decent beating. Keep in mind though, that the top guitars are expensive for a reason and have been at the top of their game for decades. For a top guitar, expect to spend anywhere around $3000’s and up.

Traditional Country Sound

Look for the following characteristics, to ensure you get that country sound:

  • A single-coil pick-up
  • A bright guitar, made out of alder or ash
  • A mahogany or maple wood guitar will give you a warmer sound

Modern Smooth Country Sound

  • Choose a guitar with a warmer sound
  • Look for a guitar made out of tone woods such as mahogany
  • Try out a guitar that has humbuckers that are a little more aged in style

Electric Guitars

All the big names will come to mind, but you may be a little surprised about the names you didn’t think of.

  • Fender Telecaster: maple neck and alder or ash body; two pickups.
  • Fender Stratocaster: maple neck and alder body: three pickups.
  • Gibson Les Paul: mahogany neck and body, deep warm sound, 2 pickups

There are however, a few general electric guitars that will do the trick if you are a beginner.

Under $200’s:

  • Squier Affinity Stratocaster (Fender made)
  • Squier Affinity Telecaster (Fender made)
  • Epiphone LP Special ll (Les Paul made)
  • Epiphone SG Special (Gibson made)
  • ESP-LTD EC-10
  • Charvel Desolation DS-3 ST
  • Ibanez GRG20Z
  • Jackson JS22 Dinky
  • Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
  • Sterling SUB Silo3
  • Carvin Guitars. (Custom made to your budget and your request.)

Plucking the Nashville strings

Acoustic Guitars

One of the nicer attributes of an acoustic guitar is that one can play it wherever and whenever they want to, without having to drag an amplifier around. There are some really stunning country styled acoustic guitars, and some wonderful choices for beginners on a budget.

  • Takamine Santa Fe (excellent for playing plugged in/live.)
  • Martin D18 (for a picking approach.)
  • Martin D28 (for a picking approach.)
  • Martin D-1R (for a picking approach.)
  • Taylor 414CELTD (for a picking approach.)
  • Gibson Jumbo (for a strumming approach)
  • Gibson Hummingbird

Under $200’s:

  • Yamaha FG700S
  • Fender CD-140S
  • Ibanez Artwood AW50

Whatever your budget, there is a guitar out there waiting for you to pluck its strings all the way to Nashville.

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