The song is clean, the recording is done and now you finally have the guts to send it off. But how does one actually send off a self-recording? Sometimes it is as easy as “who you know” in the business, and other times it is a scramble to get noticed. You have to be sure that you are not just another number waiting in a line.

How to submit a demo to a record company


It is imperative to know about the genres of music your record label of choice hires. You cannot be sending off a rap piece or heavy metal gig to a classical recording label. So do your research. The internet is a wealth of information and so it is easy to look up different labels and the types of bands they hire. Or one can simply look at the record labels on your own CD’s and who signs the musicians that inspire you.

Step 1: Figure out who you are applying to.


You cannot simply just email a demo. In fact, it requires a little formality. A lot of record companies have legal stipulations.

Step 2: Research

  • Does the record company accept voluntarily sent recordings?
  • Where are you sending it to?
  • Do you need to address the demo to anyone specific?
  • Label your demo with a return address
  • Include your email address
  • How do they like to receive their demos?
    • CD
    • MP3

Keep it simple

Do not waste time with lengthy musical introductions. It is a demo – so very quickly get to the point of what it is you are demonstrating.

How to submit a demo to a record company

Step 3: Keep it simple

  • Choose up to 3 of your best tracks
  • Include a short paragraph on your band or on yourself if you are a solo artist.
  • Include any publicity items such as prints of your band in the newspaper or reviews.


Once you have sent your demo off, simply wait. Most recording studios do have a notification policy, but if you are unsure then email them 6 weeks after submission.

Step 4: Wait

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