Sometimes if one cannot get their band signed, it may very well be easier to release your own demo to the public. This can be a little risky, but in today’s times of modern technology, it is so much easier to do.

How to Self-Release a Record?


In order to release a demo or a short album, one will need some sort of audience to release it to. Of course your friends and family will be there, but how do you draw in the rest of the crowds? You need to follow a few steps in order to build a reliable fan base.

  • Offer to play free gigs wherever possible
  • Offer something free for people that attend your gigs
  • Ask people to join a mailing list if they like your stuff
  • Keep people in the loop about how the band is doing


It is important to let your audience know where the band is at and how they are doing. If you have built up enough of a fan base, then let them know that you are planning on releasing a record.

How to Self-Release a Record?

  • Let them know when
  • What to expect
  • What is in it for them i.e., first 50 at the door are free
  • Is there a cover charge to pay for the venue

Digital Release

If you cannot build up a real time fan base, there is always YouTube. The wackier the music video behind the song, the better the attraction. But if there is something amazing about your band, you are going to get noticed. The more hits, the better. And once you have a digital fan base, you can release your demo or record.

Always offer something for free if you can – nobody can resist a freebie.

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