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Exceptional Apps for Musicians, Singers and Artists

Exceptional Apps for Musicians, Singers and Artists – Last week’s blog post, I talked about social media formats that can aid you in boosting and advertising yourself as a musician. Today, I want to talk about some unique applications for your musical needs.   Sing! Karaoke by Smule: The app is aimed towards those who enjoy […]

How Listening to Music Helps Us Concentrate 

When we’re feeling stressed out by deadlines or simply need to boost our productivity, many of us reach for the headphones and whatever our particular flavor of mood music happens to be that day. But does music really help us concentrate? And if so, how?  Feeling Better Means Working Better  The first aspect is very […]

Elements of Songwriting

Inspiration for writing a song can happen anywhere, at any time. You could be walking through the park or driving down the highway when an idea pops in your head. Whether it be a melody or a catchy lyric, you’ve created a snippet of a potentially rockin’ song. The problem is, most of the time […]

Online Resources for Artists

There are many Online Resources for Artists.  The Internet and Social Media websites have opened a door of possible opportunities for many aspiring artists today. Nowadays, artists can promote their albums and tours wherever they are, unlike before when artists drop by from one radio station to another just to promote their songs.  The following […]

Is Spotify a great resource for Artists?

Is Spotify a great resource for Artists? Internet and social media have changed the way how songs reach song lovers and music enthusiasts across platforms. Moreover, it opens another wide door for musicians to make their songs known to their fans in many parts of the world. However, it also stirred an argument among fans […]

Starting At Home: Tips on Recording

It can get a little pricey going from studio to studio to record when you’re starting out. If you’re a beginner in the music business and looking to record outside a professional studio, it might be smart to invest in some home recording equipment. Home recording is a great way to get some of your […]

Inside Moving to Nashville for Music

Moving to Nashville to pursue your music on a professional level can be scary. There’s a lot of talented artists on a similar pursuit and it’s easy to become disheartened. Being famous in a small town is cake, but what about when you get to the major leagues? Investing your time in pursuing music in […]