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The Top iOS Music Apps for Musicians

Music apps are useful for musicians who are traveling, touring and recording. They can be used on portable devices such as laptops, iPhones or iPads. They can also be integrated into studio equipment through your computer system. They can be helpful in editing, tuning and creating backbeats.   Cleartune      For tuning stringed instruments […]

Nashville Summer Music Festivals of 2014

Summer is the best time to take in outdoor music performances and Nashville hosts some of the best summer music festivals around. Be sure to check out your favorite bands throughout the summer!   June In mid-June there is the American Artisan Festival which is held at the Centennial Park. This festival mainly focuses on […]

Android Apps for Musicians

Having reliable apps available to you on your portable devices can help to make the music recording process more mobile and flexible.  Music apps out there can assist you with tuning, editing and songwriting.  Here are a few of the best apps for Android.   ChordBot Pro ChordBot is an app that will help with […]

Product review: Gibson Les Paul ’58 Reissue

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Gibson Les Paul ’58 Reissue, Gibson has created the most accurate vintage Les Paul reproduction yet. This guitar has an updated antique finish, the same classic hardware design as the original, a new truss rod as well as trapezoid fretboard inlays in a classic style. When you […]

The Best Sites Online for Music Streaming

Online music streaming and can be a quick and efficient method for getting your music out there for listeners to enjoy.  Many speculate that streaming is the future of music consumption.  Statistics already show a rising number of streaming site subscribers while digital downloads, album and single alike, are declining fast.  There are a growing […]

Studying Music Professionally

Have you even thought about what it takes to obtain a PhD in any type of musical performance? As a musician you know that talent can come naturally. Those with musical talent seem to be born with it. Musical skill is something that artists can perfect though. Studying music professionally can be a very rewarding […]