Exceptional Apps for Musicians, Singers and Artists – Last week’s blog post, I talked about social media formats that can aid you in boosting and advertising yourself as a musician. Today, I want to talk about some unique applications for your musical needs.


Sing! Karaoke by Smule: The app is aimed towards those who enjoy singing. The app provides you with lyrics and karaoke to various popular songs for you to sing, and record yourself. You can even sing with other people around the globe.

CoachGuitar – Guitar Lessons for Beginners: In school, did you consider yourself a “visual learner”? This app is for visual guitar lessons. This can be super helpful if you are confused or new to music theory and chords.


Chordbank – How to Play Guitar Cords: This app also teaches you to play guitar if you are also a new-be, but with cords and scales. It’s a less visual and pictorial app. Although, it takes you more into truly understanding the cords and scales.


Guitar Tuna – The Ultimate Free Tuner: This is the best stringed-instrument tuner I could find in the app store. It works with electric and acoustic string instruments. recording studio nashvilleThis app is so convenient because you don’t need any cables, just your digital device’s microphone! It will help you teach your musical ear.


Songsterr Tabs & Chords: Songsterr has thousands of chords and tabs for guitar, drum and bass. If you just love to play music but from time to time wonder to yourself “what should I play?” download this application to instantly gain access to countless chords and tabs.


Rhymers Block: This app is primarily used for making raps or poetry. When you start to write, you’ll get suggestions as what to write next. I personally think can also help you out with song writing too.


There are numerous music applications. I can only tell you about a few in so many words. Go into the App Store for yourself, and look up the few applications I listed and see if any grab your attention. You can even browse through similar music apps for yourself, because I promise you’ll find a lot of fantastic ones!





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