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Digital stream royalties and Sound Exchange

Digital stream royalties and Sound Exchange Copyrighting and royalties in music industry have now become extremely important for the artists and musicians as the artists want to protect their rights. Lack of awareness about these two can result into losses for the artists. Every copyrighted song publicly generates royalties for the artists whether it is […]

Finding Songs from Publishers

How to go about finding Songs from Publishers All artists – new or old face a dilemma of which one to go for while looking for songs from the publishers. There are many doubts and questions on how to choose the best publisher you arelooking for. Thanks to internet, you can get many such sources […]

Why do we need Spotify?

Why do we need Spotify? Spotify has become an essential for the musicians and artists today with its amazing services. Today, variety of options is present for downloading music by the audience that do not generate little money for the artists. Here comes the role of Spotify which provides a paid and legal service for […]

How can SEO help Artists?

How can SEO help Artists? How can SEO help Artists?  Searching information on search engines like Google has become a regular activity today as people search on internet all the time. In the same way, fans find the search engines the primary source for searching latest music videos and songs. Having a website for your […]