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Is Spotify a great resource for Artists?

Internet and social media have changed the way how songs reach song lovers and music enthusiasts across platforms. Moreover, it opens another wide door for musicians to make their songs known to their fans in many parts of the world. However, it also stirred an argument among fans and artists themselves about how online streaming such as Spotify become a great source for artists today.

To explain both views, well the majority of them, you have to weigh each opinion. Here are some points in the debate.

It is FREE music

People love anything that’s FREE. Why would you pay for something if there were an option to get it for free? Spotify is a free app that you can use whenever you want, wherever you are – as long as you got your internet connection with you. If you’re a singer, you will prefer this to better reach for your target audience.

Making money with Spotify

Spotify is not only a great avenue for artists to be heard but also an open opportunity for them to earn money from their music. When people know about your music through Spotify, they will play it over and over again, and a certain percentage for every download or play back will be credited to the singer. For a better return, people get to know your songs and it allows them to buy your album from music stores.

They say it degrades the value of music

Remember when only privilege people have access to high quality music? Those were times when music is only available to those who have the penny to buy records. Today, you can listen to your favorite music whenever you want, wherever you are.

Does it really threaten other musicians?

Some artists think that Spotify threaten their success in music industry because it becomes a fad that fades away over time. But if people really love music, they will listen to it whenever possible. As a result, it does not threaten your success as an artist. Do you think music sharing will do? Of course not! Music sharing allows more people to hear your song, and there is nothing threatening about it. It’s free promotion actually. 

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