Why do we need Spotify? Spotify has become an essential for the musicians and artists today with its amazing services. Today, variety of options is present for downloading music by the audience that do not generate little money for the artists. Here comes the role of Spotify which provides a paid and legal service for the music fans that generates the royalties for the musicians.

Spotify provides the listeners a free and ad supported tier that will help in providing better royalties for the artists. Spotify gives the musicians a platform for a great amount of exposure and you can opt for different tiers according to your needs.

Around 70% of the revenues of Spotify are distributed to the rights holders including publishers, labels, distributors, artists etc. It has generated revenues for many labels and artists in all the countries where it operates and Spotify had paid the royalties as high as $3 Billion until now. These payouts show that how beneficial can Spotify be for the musicians.Why do we need Spotify?

Spotify works as a great resource for the users as it is a free app allowing you to use it conveniently to reach your intended audience. It allows the musicians an opportunity to earn from every download or play for their music in a very easy way. It helps in making your music popular and acts as a great marketing tool raising the sales further.

As music sharing has become an indispensable act all around the globe, Spotify lets you make the most out of it by the generation of value for the artists. It works on an excellent paid streaming format that delivers the royalties for the artists. Hence you can use this music streamer for the maximum exposure and earnings.

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