How to go about finding Songs from Publishers

All artists – new or old face a dilemma of which one to go for while looking for songs from the publishers. There are many doubts and questions on how to choose the best publisher you areFinding Songs from Publisherslooking for.

Thanks to internet, you can get many such sources to guide you through the process.

There are online spaces like Taxi, Broadjam, Sonicbids etc. that can provide you with references from different publishers. You should always search properly before deciding on anything.
It is always advisable to talk to multiple publishers so as to reach the publisher whose work blends well with your music. For the newbies, it becomes even more critical to select the publisher properly as this work can turn out to be the best or worst first impression of your career.

You can also find the music publishers through different Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) like Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI), SESAC, ASCAP etc. The online search at these PRO sites can give you all the data related to the publishers and song writers. Contact information can also be traced from these websites.

Once you have collected data from sources, get in touch with these publishers and then decide what’s best for your music. It is advisable to sign one song with one publisher only so as to avoid the hassle. Be careful while signing the agreements and go through the contracts along with your lawyer before finalizing anything.

Finding the perfect publisher can be tough but it is definitely worth it when you get the best work and it’s all worth it.

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