Studio Etiquettes That We Need to Follow Properly

Etiquette in a studio is almost as important as your behavior at your show. It has been seen that discipline and proper rules can make your work easy and amazing. All great musicians followed proper decorum and rules while working leading to smart work and positive experience for everyone involved. This would help in making everyone comfortable and help you do the same at your performance.

There are certain rules for how to behave inside the studio space, how to act during the session and of course how to treat the engineer and other people at the place.

First of all, it is very important to keep your mind open to new ideas and respond to everyone’s suggestions positively. In case of any doubts, discuss and resolve for getting the inputs of artists, Studio Etiquettes That We Need to Follow Properlydirectors and engineers. Also, be respectful to the peers and seniors to receive guidance properly.

Try to avoid using cell phones while working. This will help you concentrate and respect the work as well. Also, if you are a guest, ask for permission while using or eating anything. Try to keep the fluids away from the studio.

Try to be as punctual as possible. In case you cannot make on time, reschedule the appointments. Keep the studio clean always. Avoid throwing the gears like microphone, headphone and cables etc. around and keep everything in order.

Keep the monitors, plugins etc. clean and assorted. Avoid talking too much while the engineers are working and listen carefully. Above everything, a positive attitude and a feeling of admiration for all will maintain your studio’s decorum perfectly.

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