Choosing the right reverb for different instruments

Making music today involves a lot of advanced techniques and instruments and use of reverb is one of the significant parts of the process. Reverb is created using the reflection of sound repeatedly to give a complex sound pattern and it is needed to add the space sense in the voices recorded by close mic recordings in the studio. Due to the complex natural process, artificial reverbation is added to the recordings.

The part of choosing the right reverb for different instruments can be crucial as it can affect the quality greatly. The kind of space that you want to recreate or emulate is an equally important concern.

Natural room based reverbs also need attention for the material of the walls.Choosing the right reverb for different instruments
The first step is to think about the kind of music and song for which you are looking for a reverb. The tempo, lushness and wetness of the song have to be considered too. For a vocal reverb, you have to also consider the rhythm of the track as it has to be in sync. For jazz music, convolution reverbs are generally preferred where as synthetic reverbs are suitable for pop music.

For different instruments like guitars, usually plates and springs are popularly used. Choose according to the size of the place you want. Be aware of the monitors, acoustics and headphones that you want to use for the right balance. Equalization with the effects have to be carried out intelligently too. If you keep in mind these things, it can help you reverb suitably.

All you need to know about Sampling, Copyright and Clearing Samples

Sampling and Copyrighting is a serious business that needs to be handled carefully these days. To use someone’s recording work without permission can result in disaster today and clearance of samples has become critical.  Her are some tips on all you need to know about Sampling, Copyright and Clearing Samples

If you want to use the sampled music of someone, you require the permission of the owner and this is called as Sample clearance. Sample clearance can be tough and expensive but it is extremely important. It is of two types. First is the clearance from the copyright owner of the music and second one is the company who is the copyright owner of master tapes. In order to avoid the copyright infringement issues, we need to make sure of these permissions from the authorized people.

All you need to know about Sampling, Copyright and Clearing SamplesBoth types of owners are generally the musicians, publishers and the label companies. Hence the first task of clearance to trace the owners of the music and start getting the legal permissions. When you search for the copyrighters, you can take the help of the organizations like BMI (Business Music Incorporated) and ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). These organizations generally are responsible for the performing rights and hence their database contains the indexing for the song.

Once you find the publishers and the record companies, you need to get their permission by paying appropriate price for their work. There can be negotiation as per the norms and there are clearance consultant and attorneys for your help too. If you want to use a great sample, make sure you follow the process.

How to manage time as an active engineer and producer

Working in a studio actively on consistent sessions requires serious time management for the engineer or producer. It might look like a trivial thing but following a schedule can help you greatly to execute your work plans efficiently. Otherwise it could turn into a mess and you might not be able to deliver on time. Poor time management may result into disrupting your health and personal life too.  Here are some tips how to manage time as an active engineer and producer.

There are certain time management strategies that you can follow to effectively manage your time. The situation can be such that you find it hard to find a balance between your running sessions and answering emails and calls. Another problem may be finding it difficult to manage time for your personal music and networking with others which can be crucial in the music world. For this also, you might set up a weekly schedule that you can follow strictly.

recording studio nashvilleFor this you need to work out or plan you day in advance so that you get time for your job easily along with eating, sleeping and time for family. Once you have worked out the day with how much time is needed for every activity, it will become a lot easier to make time for your self.  Try to go for as much as automation as possible like scheduling Facebook and twitter posts. You can respond to emails once or twice a day at a specific time while doing some other online work too. Be concise while writing and it will help in effective communication too. Consider your time valuable enough and you will be surprised to see that it works out just fine.

Studio Etiquettes That We Need to Follow Properly

Etiquette in a studio is almost as important as your behavior at your show. It has been seen that discipline and proper rules can make your work easy and amazing. All great musicians followed proper decorum and rules while working leading to smart work and positive experience for everyone involved. This would help in making everyone comfortable and help you do the same at your performance.

There are certain rules for how to behave inside the studio space, how to act during the session and of course how to treat the engineer and other people at the place.

First of all, it is very important to keep your mind open to new ideas and respond to everyone’s suggestions positively. In case of any doubts, discuss and resolve for getting the inputs of artists, Studio Etiquettes That We Need to Follow Properlydirectors and engineers. Also, be respectful to the peers and seniors to receive guidance properly.

Try to avoid using cell phones while working. This will help you concentrate and respect the work as well. Also, if you are a guest, ask for permission while using or eating anything. Try to keep the fluids away from the studio.

Try to be as punctual as possible. In case you cannot make on time, reschedule the appointments. Keep the studio clean always. Avoid throwing the gears like microphone, headphone and cables etc. around and keep everything in order.

Keep the monitors, plugins etc. clean and assorted. Avoid talking too much while the engineers are working and listen carefully. Above everything, a positive attitude and a feeling of admiration for all will maintain your studio’s decorum perfectly.

Tips to keep your studio clean and organized

Working in cluttered place can be an issue of distraction for some. There can be a lot of cables and this becomes cumbersome to focus on music. Nowadays we also have a concept of creating a studio at home so that space and money can be utilized better. In all cases, organizing your studio is the most crucial first step you need before you start working on your music.   We have collected a few tips for you to keep your studio clean and organised so as to let your creativity flow.

It is important to keep all your things in a designated place so that they are in your reach always. We have to make sure that computer, power slots, studio monitor, headphones, guitar interface, keyboard, racks etc. are kept neatly at places in your reach. Tips to keep your studio clean and organizedWith this kind of organizing it is important to have a good seating space with good quality and comfortable chairs. It is best that you pay extra to get the most comfortable seating. The speakers come as an essential for an artist.

You have to make sure that you get the appropriate bass traps and panels so as to get the correct mixes. These have to be placed properly so that you are confident of your targeted mixes.

A studio plays an essential role for a beautiful playback. Studio acoustics can play a good role in your work so you have to make sure that room looks well and sounds well too. Using some plants and beautiful lights can help in giving you a peaceful atmosphere to work. Once you are set with the organizing and cleaning, you are ready to roll.

Importance of royalties for performers and studio musicians

Song writers, artists, and musicians are parts of our daily musical lives. Can you imagine life without music? Pretty dull, isn’t it? However, one of the most neglected rights is the rights of artists and musicians. This is why sound exchange has been established – to protect the rights and future of musicians we have today. 

Sound exchange as definedImportance of royalties for performers and studio musicians

Sound exchange, is a known non-profit organization for performance rights who’s responsible for collecting royalties from musical digital transmissions like radio, in behalf of song owners, record labels, and artists. Commonly mistaken from digital royalties, sound exchange covers far more beyond what digital royalties cover. Digital royalties are just part being paid to Sound exchange.

Importance of sound exchange

Sound exchange is an important organization, both for digital stream royalties and artists in many ways. Among these importance include the following:

  • It serves as a collective organization where artists can consult
  • It fights for the welfare of musicians in collecting royalties from local and international radio that play their songs
  • It serves as an organization for musicians to carry out their concerns about royalties

Coverage and limitation of sound exchangeImportance of royalties for performers and studio musicians

  • Sound exchange covers the collection of royalties from radio and other media that stream artists’ music
  • They collect and distribute royalties among artists under their membership
  • However, in case of downloads, they only cover royalties from services that offer such service.

Who’s eligible for sound exchange?

Any artist, song writer, singer or performance artist can apply for a license under sound exchange. As a return, sound exchange makes sure that those royalties collected are properly distributed among the appropriate person through the Claims Department. 

As an artist such as performers and studio musicians, it helps a lot if one applies for sound exchange – not only for your craft’s legitimate protection but your welfare as an artist.

Establishing Online Presence

All kinds of marketing strategies should be applied properly as to have an effective social media campaign. Not only do businesses post contents on social networking sites and their web sites to establish their online presence and gain a follower or client base but so do too using videos which can become viral once they get to attract prospective purchasers or customers.You Tube Content Marketing Tips

The Evolution of Content Marketing through You Tube

Using You Tube for social media campaigns is considered as the next big thing to happen in content marketing. If you are into an e-business and haven’t jumped into the bandwagon yet, it’s high time for you to join this evolution. You Tube claimed to as one of the most influential promotional and marketing channel gets to reach a very wide range of different audiences worldwide.

Effective You Tube Content Marketing Strategies

What are some effective You Tube content marketing strategies which we can apply to optimize our contents and reach our target audience?You Tube Content Marketing Tips

  1. Pay attention to the relevance of your content. Businesses should understand the value of relevance to their brand identity. It must be something that your target audience can easily discover and they can relate well with. Create You Tube contents or videos that will tell about the products and services you are offering. Sharing indispensable You Tube content will make it easier for possible customers to know what products and services they need.
  2.  Gain leverage by using You Tube influencers or brand endorsers who are known in social media to help you in the promotion of your business. These influencers already have an established audience and fan base which can also be your prospective buyers and customers in the long run. They know their followers thus they know what contents are really effective.
  3. Create a mix and match of your different target customers. You can use a famous You Tube endorser along with what your audience wants. Your content marketing strategy should engage your target audience.

Importance of Effective You Tube Content Marketing Strategies

  1. Great You Tube content ideas can help you attract more audiences which could lead to potential customers eventually leading to sales of your products or services.
  2. More clicks or visits on your page or channel from your target  audience helps establish your online reputation thus gaining leverage
  3. Boosts your marketing and sales promotions online leading to a wider client base.

Selling Your Music The Good Old Way

Now that we know how to sell our music online, let’s find out how to get more exposure outside the cyberspace. Of course nothing beats the power of the Internet, but back in the days when there are none of these, some of our music idols have pulled off the classic way of promotion.

Show up LIVE

You know your type of crowd already. Be there and pre-arrange gigs with fellow musicians and get real life exposure on these events. Some big concerts even allocate a few numbers for aspiring artists to perform LIVE before they do or in between breaks.


Get on the Radio

Selling Your Music The Good Old Way

This has been working since the radio was the only medium for entertainment. Give radio stations a copy of your song and let them play it on air. Many radio stations are into the mainstream as well as budding new artists.

Get Interviewed by the DJs

During radio promotions, some DJs welcome new artists for a quick one on one conversation in between commercial breaks. Let loose and grab this chance to be heard.

What We Think

Although it’s a lot easier now to get noticed just by going online, but the competition is tougher than before. We have to get moving and come out and be seen in public places, mingle with the crowd and establish real-life connections to stand out. Perhaps balancing both online and outside promotions can do just that.

Powered by the Internet: How to Sell Your Music Online

Not long ago, our ability to sell music greatly relies on the music label’s way of distributing the album. But since we have entered the digital era, we can already use the Internet to reach our fan base and get them sold out quickly. Let’s read on.

Powered by the Internet: How to Sell Your Music Online

Hit the YouTube

Becoming the next Internet sensation has never been so easy with the power of self-made videos uploaded via YouTube. In fact, the video sharing platform has almost all the music video content of our favourite artists. Use this as a means of advertisement and get the best exposure without the cost.

Use Facebook for promotions

You know the drill. Create your very own Facebook fan page and get your fans altogether. You can also use this to get in touch with fellow musicians worldwide. With social media, your connections will just multiply and before you know it, you’re enjoying an exclusive social clout like never before.

Update via Twitter

Whenever there are up-to-the-minute events, a 140-character tweet would definitely serve you well. You can reach out to your fans and promote your new music right over there. Just make sure you have all the exact details so they won’t miss the upcoming release, promos and event schedule. Don’t forget to tweet what’s happenin’ LIVE.Powered by the Internet: How to Sell Your Music Online


Pause for a dose of Instagram

There’s no better way to say it all than with pictures of you behind the scenes. Show them that you’re livin’ it up whether while recording at the studio or doing the final touches. Be everywhere wherever there are fans out there. Just being visible all the time (not to the point of creepy) can help you stay relevant so your music can reach all the right places without traveling across the world.

The Best Headphones for Your Recording Studio

Choosing the right pair of headphones for a record studio is an investment. You’re bound to use it every-time when you use your studio for recording and mixing purposes. Ergonomics, build quality and comfort matter.


There are headphones that specialize and exist for individual tasks such as:

  • Mixing
  • Sound Design
  • Recording
  • DJ jams.
  • Listening to music.

Unless you’re willing to spend money on separate headphones for each task, a compromise is necessary. The following headphones count among the best studio headphones that help with mixing and recording, both of which are tasks that you’ll be frequently undertaking in your recording studio. The Best Headphones for Your Recording Studio

Sony MDR7506

These are legendary cans. Affordable, timeless and precise in what they deliver, they’ve been around for decades and retail around $100. The headphones come with a soft-case which is handy while traveling. Altogether, this is one of the best studio headphones out there.

Sennheiser HD-280 Pro

Lasting around 6-8 years on average, the Sennheiser is one of the most comfortable and accurate sound-production studio headphones money can buy. It doesn’t cost a lot either, often under $100 which makes for a sound investment. It’s an all-purpose pair of headphones with parts that can easily be replaced. The Best Headphones for Your Recording Studio

Beyerdynamic DT 880

These are high end headphones with a wide frequency response range that exists from 5-35000 Hz. It comes with excellent detailed reproduction of sound and is very accurate.

The Extreme Isolation EX-29

It’s as the name suggests. This pair headphones is geared for maximum isolation and is designed for drummers, by a drummer. You could fly a helicopter, wearing these isolation headphones and they readily rival the isolation levels of many hearing protectors worn in mechanical industries. They don’t make for the prettiest pair of headphones but drummers and those seeking complete isolation don’t often seek a good-looking pair of headphones.