Choosing the right reverb for different instruments

Making music today involves a lot of advanced techniques and instruments and use of reverb is one of the significant parts of the process. Reverb is created using the reflection of sound repeatedly to give a complex sound pattern and it is needed to add the space sense in the voices recorded by close mic recordings in the studio. Due to the complex natural process, artificial reverbation is added to the recordings.

The part of choosing the right reverb for different instruments can be crucial as it can affect the quality greatly. The kind of space that you want to recreate or emulate is an equally important concern.

Natural room based reverbs also need attention for the material of the walls.Choosing the right reverb for different instruments
The first step is to think about the kind of music and song for which you are looking for a reverb. The tempo, lushness and wetness of the song have to be considered too. For a vocal reverb, you have to also consider the rhythm of the track as it has to be in sync. For jazz music, convolution reverbs are generally preferred where as synthetic reverbs are suitable for pop music.

For different instruments like guitars, usually plates and springs are popularly used. Choose according to the size of the place you want. Be aware of the monitors, acoustics and headphones that you want to use for the right balance. Equalization with the effects have to be carried out intelligently too. If you keep in mind these things, it can help you reverb suitably.

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