The Best Headphones for Your Recording Studio

Choosing the right pair of headphones for a record studio is an investment. You’re bound to use it every-time when you use your studio for recording and mixing purposes. Ergonomics, build quality and comfort matter.


There are headphones that specialize and exist for individual tasks such as:

  • Mixing
  • Sound Design
  • Recording
  • DJ jams.
  • Listening to music.

Unless you’re willing to spend money on separate headphones for each task, a compromise is necessary. The following headphones count among the best studio headphones that help with mixing and recording, both of which are tasks that you’ll be frequently undertaking in your recording studio. The Best Headphones for Your Recording Studio

Sony MDR7506

These are legendary cans. Affordable, timeless and precise in what they deliver, they’ve been around for decades and retail around $100. The headphones come with a soft-case which is handy while traveling. Altogether, this is one of the best studio headphones out there.

Sennheiser HD-280 Pro

Lasting around 6-8 years on average, the Sennheiser is one of the most comfortable and accurate sound-production studio headphones money can buy. It doesn’t cost a lot either, often under $100 which makes for a sound investment. It’s an all-purpose pair of headphones with parts that can easily be replaced. The Best Headphones for Your Recording Studio

Beyerdynamic DT 880

These are high end headphones with a wide frequency response range that exists from 5-35000 Hz. It comes with excellent detailed reproduction of sound and is very accurate.

The Extreme Isolation EX-29

It’s as the name suggests. This pair headphones is geared for maximum isolation and is designed for drummers, by a drummer. You could fly a helicopter, wearing these isolation headphones and they readily rival the isolation levels of many hearing protectors worn in mechanical industries. They don’t make for the prettiest pair of headphones but drummers and those seeking complete isolation don’t often seek a good-looking pair of headphones.

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