If you want to make a name for yourself in the competitive world of music production without having to hire an expensive agent, it is absolutely essential that you learn how to master social media as a musician. Young musicians these days have to face an unlimited level of competition since almost anybody can claim to be a musician on the internet. However, what many do not realize is that social media actually provides people a platform through which they can promote their music and make a name for themselves.

Before one learns how to master social media as a musician, they must at least have a website where they can direct people to your page from their social media following. A good musician’s website should have easily accessible pictures, videos, gigs and email sign-ups. If you want to continually attract people to your website, you can add contests and your albums onto the site so that people feel the need to visit over and over again.

In order to learn how to master social media as a musician, you should have a Facebook and Twitter account. Later you can move onto other social media websites such as YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Once you have an account on these social media sites, you have to find your audience. Remember that a large number of followers or likes does not mean much. Sure, it might look great to have a million uninterested fans on your social media account, but wouldn’t it be better just having a small number of fans who actually care about your music?

A great way to find people to listen to your music is to find people who are following bands that are similar to yours. Reach out to them personally and ask them to listen to your music. If they do, and they like it, you’ll have yourself a genuine fan! Once you have a small number of fans, you should also focus on regularly posting sharable content onto your page. Try to post new, relevant things daily so that people continue to share them and your following grows automatically.

Before you know it, you will know how to master social media as a musician and you will start receiving gig requests on your website. Just make sure you don’t give up, and do not allow the quality of your music to suffer in the process.

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