With the continual growth of the internet, the number of tools available to musicians on the internet to help boost the quality and understanding of their music has increased dramatically. In an increasingly competitive industry, what often separates one aspiring musician from the other is his or her knowledge of music recording websites that every musician should be familiar with. This blog post hopes to familiarize you with 4 music recording websites that you must use frequently if you want to expedite your success in the world of music.

1. audiotuts+

audiotuts+ has some of the most comprehensive music tutorials anywhere on the internet. If you don’t want to spend your money on expensive music classes, you can simply visit audiotuts+. Some tutorials are available free, but for others, you will need to buy access to the Tuts+ Premium section of the site. Here you can learn the best techniques on how to mix, produce and master the art of creating music.

2. Scalerator

This powerful online tool allows musicians to generate scales and tablatures. All you have to do is enter in the scale you wish to learn and click on generate and you’ll get all the charts you could possibly need. This is a really effective way to learn different notes and scales that every musician should be familiar with.

3. YouTube

YouTube may not be solely a music recording website, but make no mistake. It probably has the most training resources anywhere on the web. The downside to using YouTube is that it is not as easy to find useful resources as it might be no dedicated music recording websites. However, if you master the search feature, you will definitely stumble onto some real gold.

4. musictheory.net

As its URL suggests, this is among a handful of music recording websites that teaches visitors the ins and outs of music theory. If you feel you don’t have the kind of knowledge people around you do about the ins and outs of music, musictheory.net has just the resources for you. It features trainers, lessons and a number of utilities.

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