Beginner’s Essentials for a Home Recording Studio

It’s often a daunting task to set up a recording studio at home and you can’t be blamed for being overwhelmed at the beginning of such an endeavor.


Fret not. There are simple, affordable solutions to help set up a functional and efficient recording studio at home for beginners.

The perfect newbie Studio

With the following items, you’ll be well on your way to quickly set up a home recording studio.

  • A computer.
  • Audio Interface Combo/a Digital Audio Workstation.
  • A pair of Studio DJ headphones.
  • A microphone.

A computer

A must-have for any modern-day recording studio, this is bound to take a big chunk off of your budget. A Mac is more recommendable than a PC, being the industry standard with most mainstream studios.  Recommended Mac models are:

  1. The MacBook Pro
  2. The Mac Pro
  3. The iMac


A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)/ Audio Interface Combo

A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is what you’ll need as a software to edit, record and mix your recordings on your computer. Furthermore, the Audio interface connects your studio equipment to your computer. These can be purchased separately but beginners are advised to get a combo.

Avid Pro Tools make some of the best beginner/entry-level combos in the business. Some of their best-sellers include:

  • Avid Mbox.
  • Avid Fast Track Duo
  • Avid Fast Track Solo


Studio headphones, much like others that make this list are fundamental to your homes studio setup. Sony offers the legendary MDR-V6s which are affordable and flat, giving you the perfect headphones for your first home studio.


If you’ve been looking at home studio setups, odds are that you’re already aware of the Shure SM57. You can’t go wrong with this versatile and affordable microphone.


For a beginner, having a clean, clutter-free studio helps. A standard studio in a 10×10 room could do with the Mogami Silver XLR 25ft (cable for your microphone).

Plug in and get started!

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