In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Gibson Les Paul ’58 Reissue, Gibson has created the most accurate vintage Les Paul reproduction yet. This guitar has an updated antique finish, the same classic hardware design as the original, a new truss rod as well as trapezoid fretboard inlays in a classic style. When you own this guitar you will feel like you own a piece of rock music history.


The Main Features

The mahogany neck of this guitar has that early 1950’s profile that is so recognizable for Les Paul guitars and gives this reissue the feeling of coming straight out of 1958. The updated vintage appointments on the guitar make it look more like the original. The sound is very reminiscent of the orginal since the CustomBucker pickups give that same vintage tone.


Updated Vintage Appointments

The new appointments adds to this Gibson Les Paul ’58 reissue give it more authenticity and vintage sound. Hide glue is used to attach the neck, which will make the sound better than if synthetic glue was used.


CustomBucker Pickups

It is not only the aesthetic features that were taken into account in the design of this guitar. The electronics were also fine tuned. The internal signal path of this guitar is meant to give an exact 1958 Les Paul tone. The guitar features CTS potentiometers and bumble bee capacitors which help give it that exact sound you are looking for. As for the humbuckers, the CustomerBucker used for this ’58 reissue is the most historically accurate copy created to date of the original humbuckers used.


Early 1950’s Mahogany Neck

The iconic mahogany neck you have come to recognize in 1950’s Les Paul guitars is certainly a key feature for this guitar. It has the original wide neck used before 1959. The wide neck lets you really lean into the guitar when playing and get the best tone by digging in. The  Les Paul Plaintop ’58 Reissue is the best of the best when it comes to historically accurate recreations of classic Les Paul guitars. 

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