Music apps are useful for musicians who are traveling, touring and recording. They can be used on portable devices such as laptops, iPhones or iPads. They can also be integrated into studio equipment through your computer system. They can be helpful in editing, tuning and creating backbeats.



For tuning stringed instruments and wind instruments, Cleartune is a chromatic digital tuner that has a good range to get the job done. It is easy to find a desired pitch because of the way that the note wheel is designed. You can tune your instrument with a precision of up to 1/100th semitone. The cost for the app is $4 and it is also available for Android devices.


Beatmaker 2

This updated version of Beatmaker has an easy to use interface and a large selection of back beats to choose from. This is a music production app with many different features. You could create a tempo of your own by including custom drum beats or keyboard notes. Once the beat has been created you can edit the volume, pitch and groove to customize your sound for your song writing and recording needs. This app costs $20 and is only available for iOS.


Real Time Analyzers

This music app has the capability of listening to music and displaying its frequency ranges in audio samples. When you are in the process of fine tuning your tracks, this app will certainly help you out. It will also help with recording live performances. The cost of this music app is $11. 



FourTrack is an app which you will find very useful during the editing stage of your music production. You can record and layer audio sounds to make songs and perfect them for 16-bit or 44.1kHz quality. This app has an export feature so you can record with software on your desktop computer. It costs $5 and you can also get it for Android. 

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