As a musician starting out, getting noticed is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do. The internet has meant that the number of budding musicians has increased drastically. While much of what works for marketing your melodies you will learn through trial-and-error, this guide to promoting your own music will hopefully help speed up the process.

Promote only your best material

The first tip in this guide to promoting your own music is never to promote a track that is not your best work. This is particularly important when you are starting out, since you still do not have a reputation to protect. Make sure your first track is perfected before you make it public as people are going to form an opinion on your musical talents based on it. Before going around promoting your music, you should get feedback, either on Soundout or from experts you already know from the world of music.

Market your tracks to people who will like it

Bringing your best music out is one thing, targeting the right audience is another. No guide to promoting your own music is complete without advising budding musicians to figure out the exact group of people the music is meant for. Age, gender, community or even beliefs could be important distinguishing factors. It is always easiest to try promoting your music to your target audience first. Once it becomes famous enough, others will surely rush to hear it as well.

Network along the way

While it is possible to become famous through the internet with virtually no contacts in the music industry, knowing people will certainly improve the likelihood of people listening to your tunes. You should try networking as much as you can so that you can get to know some of the top music producers in your area. These are the only people who can help you make it.  Buying their tracks and interacting with them on Twitter might be a great way to start. It might take a while, but the benefits make it worth it.

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