A high quality demo recording is the first step to becoming a music sensation, and most musicians know it. Just like salespeople have calling cards that they hand out to prospective clients, musicians hand out their demos so that they can land themselves gigs and earn money. If you want to become a successful musician, it is imperative that you take time out for picking the perfect songs for your demo.

Picking the perfect songs for your demo is not rocket science. As a matter of fact, all you need to do is rely on your common sense. In case you don’t have any, there is no need to worry! Just go through this guide to picking the perfect songs for your demo and implement away.

Make sure your demos are the highest quality you can afford

Sometimes, it is worth paying an extra buck to get something of superior quality. Some people think they can record their demos at home, but the fact of the matter is that with the level of competition out there, inferior quality demos are often not even heard fully. Musicians are not hired to play at events unless they are able to make quality products, regardless of how great the songs they have written are.

Short and simple demos speak the loudest

Regardless of how good you think your music is, keep in mind that people who are looking to hire musicians are generally very busy. The last thing you should do is bore them with a three-hour tape of you performing every song you possibly know. By doing so, not only do you stand the risk of putting them to sleep or seriously annoying them, but also of perhaps revealing a potential flaw in your music. It is best to pick out a song or two that you KNOW will captivate them. Seeking the opinion of an impartial person may suit you best.

Choose songs that showcase you as an artist, and your full potential

The main purpose of a demo tape is so that you can prove to people who have never heard you play that you have what it takes to perform for them. You should make sure each song you put in shows a different side of your musical ability. Since it is likely that the different people who listen to your demo are looking for something different, it is essential to showcase as much of your talent and ability as possible in the shortest possible tape.

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