Then and Now: Between Vintage Vinyl and High-Resolution Audio

HRA or high-resolution audio is currently tagged as the best music format for your listening pleasure. Of course we already have gone digital but ever since the vinyl has been creeping back in our time, the analog playback are also making it to the mainstream.

Then and Now: Between Vintage Vinyl and High-Resolution Audio

The laidback appeal

HRA’s streamlined playback is said to be better than that of the vinyl records. Why? It only requires a digital format with HRA specifications to run. There are sites exclusively for this such as QuBuz and HDtracks where you can buy HRA tracks directly.

The retro appeal

The current revival of vinyl meanwhile takes us back to the nostalgic past. Get mesmerized by touching the record album and the fall in love all over again with the warm sound that only the vinyl could create.

Where to get HRA

Major companies have already released a special hardware that could playback HRA files via stereo or headphones as well as through your PCs.

  • Astell& Kern
  • FIIO X5
  • Schiit Audio
  • Audioquest Dragonfly
  • Light Harmonic Geek Out

Then and Now: Between Vintage Vinyl and High-Resolution Audio

Where to get vinyl

The trend that goes with Instagram and anything vintage has brought back the vinyl era in more ways than one. What makes it more special is how you acquired the old record and the story behind it. Mostly, you can find these via online sellers or got it from a family heirloom (if you’re very lucky).

What we think

As for durability, an HRA file can last for many years without high maintenance. The Vinyl on the other hand may need extra care. However, most music enthusiasts won’t mind the difference because of the fact that both are really fabulous finds. We are now in the generation where we could see highly impressive products almost every single day. Nevertheless, what’s important is we can jive to any type of music be it with a drop of a needle or a swift tap onscreen.

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