Endorsing yourself to the music community can be a tad challenging considering the tight competition. But did you know that building on your connections and learning the tricks how the Internet can set out a trend could get you there soon? Let’s find out more.The Humble Beginnings: How to Get Into the Mainstream

Mingle with the right people

You have to go out and get yourself noticed. Meet fellow artists and get some referrals, eventually you will meet some producers and make the right connections. Nowadays you don’t have to literally go out and visit some gigs all the time. The World Wide Web is big enough to explore while the social media has made it smaller so you can narrow down your search.

Build your own website

Next thing you need is to have a website to back-up all the stuffs that you are promoting to your social circle. By this time you will have a cult of followers so why not give them updates about your latest gigs, new music and even a brief background of your existence through your very own website?The Humble Beginnings: How to Get Into the Mainstream

Perform LIVE on musical events (for FREE)

You can’t just engage your fans to music within the confines of the Internet. If you are roving to different places or states, let it be known. It is still essential to interact with your fans personally even though it’s a lot easier to get it done over the computer or even through your smartphone.

Stay on the loop via social media

Fans would love to hear from you anytime of day. It doesn’t have to be all about your music promotions and stuffs. Be more like any of them where you share behind the scenes of your every day activities. You don’t have to do this every hour or so. Just letting them know you exist and that they are part of your life and growing career could go a long way.


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