Synthesis & Best Ways of Using Synthesizers

‘Synthesis’ means process of making something new and sound synthesis is a kind of Music Technology for generating sound. This electronic instrument creates or imitates a sound using software or hardware. It has various components that help in creating the sound by shaping electric signals.

A synthesizer generated sound waves of various shapes and can generate many sounds at once to produce harmonics. It can make new sound or imitate some musical instrument like bass or any natural sound too. recording studio nashvilleA sound synthesizer contains a voltage control oscillator, filter, amplifiers, modulator and envelops. These create the waveform and change different characteristics of sound like volume, pitch etc. Synthesizers have revolutionized the whole music making and hardly any record today is made without them.

Synthesizers are widely used today in music composition using digital computer and for live performance. You can use the synthesizer to their full potential by doing everything with one synthesizer and this will help in creating refreshing sounds.

The synthesizers generally have stereo output and you can record by simply plugging your synthesizer directly using the inputs and adjust the volume. You can also record through an analog preamp as using a preamp can give you the full sound you want.

You can plug your synthesizer into the guitar amp and this will add depth and colour to your music mix. Apart from these techniques, try to learn how to program. You can then use subtractive, additive, wavetable and FM synthesis etc. to create the best music from synthesizers.

So this article is all about Synthesis & Best Ways of Using Synthesizers

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