Four Mistakes to Watch out for When Recording Your Music Demo

Recording your music demo is not an easy task, especially if you’re new to recording studios. It is not uncommon for upcoming musicians to make mistakes when they’re out recording their first demo. That is just why we have compiled a list of common mistakes, and some of the most effective ways to avoid them.

1. Avoid producers with no experience

All the contemporary greats of the music industry were obviously newbies at some time or the other, but that doesn’t mean you should risk recording your music demo with someone with no proven ability. Always go for a recording studio with professionals so that even if a newbie is working on your demo, there will be someone more experienced in the background ready to help out.

2. Make sure the producer doesn’t take over your project

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are recording their music demos is to allow the producer to have the final say. Good recording studios will not stand for it, and neither should you. Always remember that while it is important to give due consideration to the advice rendered by your producer, you should, as much as possible, avoid compromising on your wishes. After all, you are recording YOUR music demo.

3. Find out exactly what services you will be getting

Many recording studios offer a number of services that may appear to be misleading. For instance, some studios offer to shop demos that you record with them. You should investigate whether they actually have clients in the music industry, because if they don’t, they might be overselling their service and inflating the price for just selling its rights to a random, unknown wedding band.

4. Don’t give equipment more importance than credentials

Even if a recording studio has the best equipment out there, the chance of them actually leaving you satisfied depends entirely on the credentials of the producers and audio engineers working there. Make sure the people (read people, not equipment) you are hiring are qualified and go through their portfolio before you make any big decisions.

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