It’s not hard to find a producer, especially in music city. But it is hard to find someone like Giovanni at the record shop. I’ve never worked with another producer that has the same passion, drive, and creativity. Giovanni has a process that seems somewhat lost these days. He listens intently to each and every lyric to make sure that every instrument, sound, and melody fits with the emotion while staying within the boundaries of what the artist wants.

He genuinely cares about the quality of his work as well as the artist’s vision for the project. Giovanni makes sure that each and every detail is perfect and doesn’t rush through any aspect of the process. Being in the studio can be a bit overwhelming and stressful at times but he always creates an environment that is both fun and productive.

He’s an all around great guy and truly wants to see the artist’s that he works with succeed. It’s been a privilege working on my debut album with Giovanni and I consider him a part of my team. His support he’s shown me has been incredible! Not only in studio, but even out at shows I play around town.

Oh, and did I mention his work sounds phenomenal!?

Brandon Chase
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