We are proud to announce that The Record Shop is now offering DAW lessons and support with DAWRESOURCE.COM

Here’s some info on this exciting new company!

DAWRESOURCE.com fills a niche in modern music, reflects industry trend that 

music is now produced entirely using computer music software. 

DAWRESOURCE.com offers live technical and tutorial support for major digital audio workstations (DAW) 

like Pro Tools, Logic, Live, Reason, Cubase, Sonar and more. It reflects music industry reality that almost 

all new music is being produced entirely on computers. 

Coppell, TX September 1, 2010 – DAWRESOURCE.COM opened its doors to the musicians everywhere 

seeking assistance in trouble shooting and learning their digital audio workstations (DAW). DAWs are 

computer music software that allows music producers and musicians to record, edit, and mix an entire 

song on their computer. 

Due to improvements in music software and increased processor speed, it is now possible to produce 

professional quality music on your computer using a DAW. In past, a professional-grade recording could 

only be achieved in a professional studio with hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of hardware. Now 

the hardware is replaced by software plug-in that easily works with modern DAWs. 

DAWRESOURCE.COM offers four support options that include support via phone, support via video 

conferencing using Skype, support at instructor’s studio and support at customer’s home or studio. There 

are also three convenient payment plans to meet all types of budget. 

Support and tutorials are provided by DAW Specialists from around the U.S. Most specialists possess 

official DAW certifications while all DAW Specialists have professional training and years of experience as 

musician and/or sound engineer. 

DAWRESOURCE.COM provides support and tutorial outside U.S. as well. Instructors communicate with 

overseas customers via phone and Skype. Currently all support is available in English and limited in 




DAWRESOURCE.COM provides live technical and tutorial support for major digital audio workstations 

(DAW). Support is provided through its nation-wide network of highly trained and experienced DAW 


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