Recording vocals is no easy task, and since vocals are one of the most important components of any track, it is important that it is done right. One of the biggest advantages of availing the services of a recording studio is that they have the right equipment and enough expertise to ensure that the vocals are recorded optimally. Here are some of the best practices for recording vocals.

Best Practices for Recording Vocals 1

Choosing the right microphone

You will generally have three types of microphones to choose from as a vocalist. The large diaphragm condenser microphone is a popular choice since it is able to capture the loudest and softest sounds with unparalleled clarity. Alternatively, you can pick a dynamic microphone, which is ideal for loud singers who their voice to create an impact. The third option is a ribbon microphone, which are great for bright or harsh sounding voices that are in need of slight mellowing.

Getting the visual sightlines perfect

Although this is not entirely necessary, it is useful to maintain eye contact with the control room while you are singing. Since the professionals in the control room are going to be watching you, you might as well seek reassurance and emotional feedback from them while you, as the artist, are recording your vocals.

Finding the ideal position for the microphone

It doesn’t matter how good a microphone you have to record your vocals with – it must be positioned properly. This is where professional recording studio technicians can come in handy, since they generally know the distances and angles that work. Trial and error is normally needed though, since no two singers get the best results at exactly the same distances and angles.

Best Practices for Recording Vocals 2

Wearing headphones

The importance of wearing good-quality headphones while recording vocals is often understated. Artists should ensure that both their ears are covered with phone cushions so that spill is eliminated altogether. It is equally necessary that the headphones are hooked onto a powerful amp and that they fit perfectly.


At the Record Shop, we make sure that vocalists are briefed about and guided through the best practices for recording vocals. What do you think is the most important thing a singer should keep in mind while in the recording studio? Let us know in the comments section!

Getting the most out of your vocal sessions is essential. If you are working on your first record, the process is likely to hit at least a few road bumps if you haven’t done your homework. Here at The Record Shop, we make sure we handle all Record Production to enhance your vocal session experience. Here are some tips on what you can do to get the most out of your vocal sessions.

Learn the song in advance

Lyricists may continue making changes to their songs minutes before they begin their vocal session, but if you have your song ready, it helps if the vocalist is familiar with the song in advance. Not only does it save a lot of time if the vocalist knows the lyrics by heart, but the quality of the recording will also come out better. If you don’t know a song, you may end up constantly moving your head to look to and away from the lyrics sheet and not end up singing into the microphone element. Getting the Most out of your Vocal Sessions

Practice before your vocal session

Remember not to take practice sessions too seriously, especially if you’re not actually practicing in the recording studio. No two venues are the same, so the acoustics are going to vary. However, what you should focus on is the melodic range so that you know you are able to hit all the right notes, as high or low as they may be.

Avoid dehydrating agents

How frustrating would it be if you spent a good dollar on a vocal session at a recording studio only to have to sing with a notably dry throat? Very. That is why it is so important that you avoid any food and drinks that dehydrate your throat at least six hours before your appointment. A dry throat may prevent you from hitting the right notes in your vocal session. Getting the Most out of your Vocal Sessions


Those are just some things you should handle on your end. We can help you out with all the technical aspects of vocal sessions at The Record Shop Nashville. Just leave us a message and we will do everything we can to make your vocal sessions perfect.