is an emerging music collaboration website founded by Amaury Garcia. Every month, anonymous collaborators upload tracks which support the creation of one song, giving artists the opportunity to work with other artists across the globe with whom they may have never worked before. 

Every song supports a given chord progression and drum track; auditions are then opened to guitar, bass, vocals, and lead instruments. The end result is a true collaboration of talent, musical ability and sound engineering from artists all over the world.

Once the winning auditions are chosen, the song is mixed, mastered, and published on At this point, those winning participants (collaborators) will be revealed.

Here is the real benefit to you: Focusing on only 2 songs each month, allows Song Bloom to properly highlight your song and give you a high level of exposure.  Your song will not be lost within a multitude of files, which is common on social networking or music collaboration sites. If your submission is selected, your winning track will be part of the song that Songbloom, Inc. will exclusively promote. This will give you the recognition you deserve for your artistic creation.

If you are interested in taken part in this exciting opportunity, you can submit your auditions now at

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