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Social Media Management

Are you or one of your loved ones suffering from a lack of results from social media?
The usual culprits behind social media struggles:
1. “I don’t know how to effectively use social media but I also don’t want to admit I don’t know how to effectively use social media”
2.”I’m way too busy being incredibly famous and changing the world to worry about tweeting at people”
3. “What is social media? Is that what the kids are using these days?”

Don’t Suffer in Silence: Let us help!

We offer a variety of packages to start, maintain or perfect your media. Each option is designed for your individual needs.
1. One-on-One Workshop
2. Consulting and Mentoring
3. Full Account Management

Our Packages:

One-on-One Workshop:

A dedicated strategist will sit down with you and help schedule media plans for optimum success. Whether you need help with basic media organization such as when to post or how to engage with followers, we can help. Something a bit more specific? We will work directly with you and your needs. Each workshop is tailored personally to you. Schedule follow up appointments as needed.
New to the chaotic and confusing world of media? We offer a One-on-One session to help you launch or simply organize your existing platforms. Our media specialist will work with you in order to guarantee you understand the basics behind each platform you’ve chosen to represent you.

Consulting and Mentoring:

Are you ready to make the full time commitment of managing your own accounts? Let us help monitor your success and offer beneficial advice along the way as well as secret, industry tricks. We will help you discover what will push your accounts toward their maximum potential. Each package includes 4 workshops that can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


Full Account Management:

Let us do your dirty work. Our in house media strategist will post valuable content directly to your accounts without you ever having to lift a finger. This package includes all the bells and whistles: follower engagement, around the clock monitoring, personal consulting, and reputation management. Prices vary depending on client requests.

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