The Record Shop is proud to announce that Rick Monroe is hitting the road this year as part of Jagermeister’s 2014 Ultimate Summer of Music Tour with the Eli Young Band AND is releasing his new EP, “It’s A Love Thing” that was recorded at The Record Shop Nashville recording studio!

 “It’s A Love Thing,” is a product of love and labor for Monroe, “a tireless worker, strong songwriter, and relentless performer”.  This new MRG release will be made available to the public Jun 3, 2014, and though this EP has six incredible tracks, three of the songs have had particularly more emphasis put on them.  These three songs – “Small Town”, “Fire’s Out”, and “ Great Minds Drink Alike” – were produced by The Record Shops’ own Sean Giovanni who said about the project, “We had a blast working on Rick’s record. He does a an incredible job of straddling the line between traditional country, pop country, and southern rock, in way that is sure to please fans young and old.” 

 What does the man himself have to say about these three great songs?  “In the case of Small Town (5/20 release date on iTunes) Kenneth Duncan and I were stuck on the song we were writing and he just happen to play the first part of “Small Town” for an ear break… and that was it! We shifted gears immediately and boom. The one thing I’ve seen in all my travels is people are people, with the same basic wants and needs. We all love and we all struggle. I really feel we struck the perfect balance. With a basic chord progression & direct lyric I believe we’ve captured the large & small view of the world in simple song.” Rick continues, “Fires Out (5/27 release date on iTunes) was inspired by trying to mix a different flavor into country. Recently there’s a lot of country rap going on and I wanted to see if we could take from the groove/pop side of things ala Maroon 5/Bruno Mars. I know it’s pretty different, but I think it’s like a good gumbo you need to add a little kick of spice sometimes and not be afraid to try something new.”