Barry Rudolph Reviews SPL DrumXchanger

SPL aka Sound Performance Labs is an old hand at level-independent dynamic processing with the invention of theTransient Designer and the Transient Designer plug-in, two of their best products. But the new DrumXchanger drum replacement plug-in might eclipse that triumph. DrumXchanger will replace drum sounds in multi- track sessions no matter the level changes and track dynamics. All drum hits are tracked and replaced including ghost notes, fast fills and rolls. It will do this in real time and in sample phase-accuracy with the original signal.

The Top 4 Mistakes Most Musicians Make Online

This week, For The Record features producer/engineer/writer, Tony Rockliff sharing some insight on the common mistakes that musicians make with their online content. Check out for more helpful articles for recording artists.

5 steps to effective internet marketing for musicians

The music business….what can be said that hasn’t been repeated over and over and over again. Let’s skip all the details we’ve been whining about these last few years, and get down to it.  Basically, there’s not much room at the top these days. I often wonder, with great uncertainty, if there will ever be…

What is the best recording program?

Flimingo Productions: I’ve used cubase 4,pro tools le and sonar 8 producer edition to record and i was wondering in your opinion,which is the most user friendly and best program to use? Giovanni: Thanks for your question! Deciding which DAW is more “user-friendly” is really a matter of preference and application. They are all worthy…

Choosing a Pro Tools system for your studio

Pro Tools, AVID/Digidesign’s benchmark digital recording software, is synonymous with the production of hit records. In this article, we take an in depth look at three levels of Pro Tools studio systems: The M-Box studio ($250-$1000), The 003 studio ($1200-$2,500), and the HD studio ($10,000+). We will also discuss some important add -on’s that can be a great addition to any Pro Tools System.

Studio Tips: Three steps to effective pre-production

One of the most exciting aspects of my job is having the opportunity to do something new everyday. Running a recording studio in Nashville, I have been privileged to work on an eclectic range of projects. While every record requires a unique approach, detailed preparation is consistently a key element of the process. This week,…

Why do I need a professional website? I got a myspace!

Back in the good ol’ days, discovering new music took more than a click to myspace. Fans actually had to browse the local music zine, find a show that sounding promising, head out to the venue, and hope for the best. If an artist had any hope of commercial exposure, the radio was their only…